My Wife Nadia Pt. 05

These early stories actually occurred several years ago. Smartphones had just progressed past the Palm Treo I'd been issued for work. There was no FaceTime, no SnapChat. In fact it was very new to be able to text message a photo. This new technology is what made this little encounter so hot.

Matt and Nadia hadn't had much contact after the session at his place, he was chasing a new girlfriend.

I was out of the country, and a few time zones ahead.

I'd gotten back to my room late, exhausted and texted Nadia good night. She was slow to respond which was unusual so I tried calling her. The call rung through to voicemail which was also very odd.

About a half an hour later, as I was about asleep my phone ding'd with a text message.

It was Nadia messaging, "Sorry babe, I was busy. Are you still awake?"

"Yup, want me to call?" I asked.

"Not yet, I'm going to send you some pictures, let me know what you think?" She responded.

At this point I'd had no assumptions that she was doing anything with anyone, Matt was starting a relationship and she had no interest in anyone else. I figured she had been rearranging something in the house.

Then the first picture arrived. It was a selfie, on our bed, Nadia sitting up against the headboard wearing a little pink tank top that she wore as a PJ top, Matt beside her smiling with one hand grabbing a breast. The caption read "No questions, just wait!"

The next photo was a selfie in the same position but the two of them kissing.

5 minutes had gone by so I texted her, "Is that it?"

The next photo came in, Matt was holding the camera while laying on his back and it was a photo of Nadia kneeling between his legs, holding his massive cock with one hand and 1/3 of it in her mouth while she was staring at the camera. The caption read "Taking my time enjoying this. I'll let you know when we're done, no more texts."

My not-so-innocent wife was about to send me a play by play of her getting railed.

The next photo came in. Nadia was still kneeling between Matt's legs, her tank top was off, she was holding the base of his massive cock and resting it between her breasts. Her nipples as perky as ever. Matt and I use the same locker room/shower, I've watched his silhouette fuck Nadia but this is the first time I've seen his erect cock. It was larger than I'd expected! The caption read "I think he likes it when I tell him how big his cock is ;)"

There was another delay. My mind was racing about what the next photo would be. I couldn't sleep.

Ding! Matt still had the camera. Nadia was completely naked and straddling Matt. Nadia was still holding his cock, it stretched up, completely hiding her landing strip with its girth and almost reached her belly button! The caption read "Matt's about to make me cum. Fuck he's big!"

I was on the edge of blowing my load knowing that by the time I'd seen that photo, Matt would be inside her.

There was almost no delay in the next photo. It was the same position as the last one, Nadia sitting straight up, straddling Matt. Except Nadia's pussy had consumed Matt's cock except for the last half inch of his root. The caption was simply "Oh. My. God."

15 minutes went by. I was exhausted but hard. My heart was racing, I couldn't have slept if I'd wanted to. Matt was fucking my wife several time zones away. I couldn't see it, neither of them had told me he was going over for the evening.

Ding! "Check your email," Nadia messaged.

I frantically fired up my laptop, logged onto the slowest wifi known to man at the time and waited.

Subject: "Vid"

I waited for the attachment to download. It was a video. It was 11 seconds. 11 seconds of Matt holding the camera out to the side. The bedroom lights were on and they'd been on for all the photos. This was no silhouette/shadow voyeur session. This was a full colour, well lit, video of Nadia riding Matt, mid-orgasm, grinding her pussy against his pelvic bone with his cock deep inside her moaning "Ohhhh god Matt".

There's no porn clip better than a full colour video of your wife mid-orgasm riding your buddy and moaning his name.

20 minutes later. I'd already gotten off twice.

Ding! "Another email," Nadia messaged.

My email was still open and a new message just came in.

Subject: "Vid 2"

This time Nadia was laying on her back, holding the camera pointed toward Matt's face above her. It was 18 seconds, it panned down to her tummy and Matt's cock laying on her landing strip. Nadia's knees in the air, legs wrapped around Matt. Nadia whispered "Please?"

Matt responded, "Please what?"

Nadia moaned, "Please fuck me. Fuck me so hard!"

I could see Matt's hips back up, his massive cock pulling back, revealing Nadia's trimmed little strip, the head of his cock then fell out of sight and Nadia gasped as his hips pushed forward.

Nadia's never had an issue with being wet. When she's horny, there's plenty of natural lubrication. Matt's cock just slid right in. Thrust after thrust with Nadia moaning "Unnngh!!"

About 5 minutes later there was another Ding! A text message with a photo. Matt had the camera back. Nadia laying on the bed on her back, an exhausted smile. 4 thick ropes of cum from her belly button to the bottom of her breasts. One of ropes managed to make it as far as her nipple. There was no caption. Were they done?

A couple minutes later Nadia texted, "Holy hell, we both needed that. We're done. Are you still awake?"

I called her, she picked up and giggled. Matt was still beside her. His new relationship had gone south and he was horny. He had talked to Nadia earlier in the day and she invited him over for dinner. As Nadia was telling me this, there was some shuffling in the background. At one point she giggled, Matt was definitely trying to distract her.

After Nadia told me about dinner, she went to ask, "You're not mad, are..." and her sentence tailed off but I could hear her suck a breath in.

I asked, "Are you there?"

"He's fucking me again. Sorry, call you tomorrow." and she hung up on me.

My little slut.


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