Fitness Room Encounter

I turned off my alarm clock at 4 am and pulled my tired ass out of bed. Standing there in the bathroom mirror for a minute to blow the cobwebs out of my head, I looked at myself and thought, why do I suddenly feel old? Oh yeah, I just turned 40 today. "Happy Birthday you old fart," I said to myself.

I do not normally start my day this early, but I needed to get my workout in before starting work today. I had a meeting scheduled that would go through my normal lunch/workout time, so it is what it is. Overcome and adapt is what we were taught in my military days, but somehow, I am not sure that applied to office jockeys.

The company I worked for really took care of its employees, and provided plenty of services for our well-being, including the awesome gym in the basement level of our high-rise building. Happy employees make for a happy workplace was their motto. Well, I just wished more people would use their facilities, I thought to myself, because there were quite a few grumpy mother fuckers working around me that could use a shot of happiness.

I got into the gym around 5 am, and noticed only one other person in there, using one of the elliptical machines. Wow, she was very nice looking, too. Tall, fiery red hair pulled back in a ponytail, long legs for miles, sexy muscled ass, wearing skintight yoga pants and a snug fitting work out top that covered her smallish breasts. When I passed by her on my way to one of the row machines, she smiled and nodded.

I picked one of the row machines that gave me a great view of her through the mirror and sat down to start my workout. I was about two minutes in when I noticed that she kept glancing my way, and when our eyes made contact, she would smile again. I could not help but feel like there was a connection going on between us as I returned a nod and smile back.

Our silent flirting went on throughout the workout and even became humorous at one point when she playfully stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth and crossed her eyes. I about fell off the row machine laughing. Yeah, we definitely had a connection going here, I thought to myself and the feelings of arousal began to surge.

She got finished before I did, and I watched her as she cleaned off the machine, then patted her face and chest with her towel, not normally something I would not find erotic but there was just something about her that made it extremely hot, and even more so, when she glanced at me again, smiled and winked, then disappeared into the locker room.

That could not have come a moment too soon because the other head, that resided in my shorts, was waking up quickly to get into the silent conversation. I continued my workout for a few more minutes, then finished. As I was cleaning the machine, my sexy mysterious workout partner came over to me from out of the locker room, now dressed in very demure work attire, her hair pulled up in a tight bun, only making her look even sexier than before.

She never said a word, and before I could say anything to her, she just smiled and handed me a business card, then turned, walked away and out of the gym.

I looked at the card and read it. Her name was Tonya Simpson and she worked in our marketing department, but the best part was what she wrote on the back; "I work out every morning at the same time, hope to see you again," signed T.

The workday was terribly busy, with several meetings throughout the day, and working on a big project kept me moving non-stop so by the time I headed home for the day, I was pretty tired. After getting back to my apartment and sitting down on the sofa with a beer, I started thinking about Tonya again, and pulled out her business card to read it again.

I could not help but wonder where this would go since it had been a while since I had dated or had any type of relationship for that matter. Being a bachelor at now 40 years old had its advantages but sometimes it left one a bit lonely at times. I had a few one night stands over the past few months, but none of the women were relationship material. I just smiled, as I looked at her card, then finished my beer and started making something to eat.

The next morning, I got up all the earlier, still feeling very intrigued by the good vibes I got from Tonya. I quickly got my gear bag together and headed out the door to get to the gym, hopefully a little sooner to better time a workout with her, so when I got there, and did not see her, I figured that I timed it right, because someone was there already, as the lights had been turned on.

Just as I was about to go into the locker room, Tonya appeared out of the women's locker entrance. We looked at each other, smiled and greeted one another. I then said, "I wanted to introduce myself to you, my name is Steve and I work..." Before I could say anything, she interrupted me and said, "I know where you work, Steve, you are the manager of our sales department. I did my homework yesterday." She then grinned the most seductive grin and stepped in close to me.

Tonya put her arms over my shoulders and softly kissed me. I was shocked for a moment at her forwardness, but quickly opened to her, returning her kiss more intimately. She responded by getting even closer and pressing her body against mine. Our kissing turned more passionate, almost to the level of animalistic hunger, as I leaned back against the hallway wall.

Tonya then pulled back, took me by the hand and led me into the women's locker room to one of the large, enclosed shower stalls. I thought briefly, wow, the women get a lot more privacy on their side, but that thought went away quickly when she closed the door to the stall and nearly jumped on me.

We went at it again, kissing like to wild animals, pawing at each other until our clothes began coming off in all directions. I only got glimpses of her, but what I could see is that she was even hotter without clothing. Her small tits were firm as her zippered workout top fell away, and my hands covered them. A small moan escaped her into my mouth as we mauled each other's mouths.

The next thing I knew, we were both naked and as her hand found my raging erection, my hand slipped down to feel her soft downy covered pussy. As she began stroking me aggressively, I slid a finger inside her swollen lips and found her now engorged clit. She cried out into my mouth when I circled around it, feeling her wetness on my finger, then pushed it inside her tight cunt.

She already began to shake as I massaged in and around her opening, her hand squeezing my cock as she stroked it. I moved down her tight body, kissing her harden nipples, taking each one into my mouth as I continued fingering her quim. Then I moved down, kneeling in front of her as she lifted one of her legs, resting her foot on the bench and giving me clear access to her sex.

When my mouth contacted her gorgeous red-haired pussy, Tonya nearly lost it, grabbing my head, and grinding her cunt into my mouth, then began to spasm hard as her first climax roared through her. Her juices tasted so sweet, flowing into my hungry mouth, while she continued holding my head in place, shaking, and moaning her pleasure. I only hoped that no one else would come into the gym.

When Tonya's intense climax began to subside, she pulled me up and we kissed deeply once more, but only for a moment or two before she reached down, grabbing my cock again and with her foot still up on the bench, aimed the head into her slobbering wet opening. She pulled at my hip with her other hand and my prick slid inside her.

Tonya's eyes rolled back into her skull and her head went back, releasing a long groan of pure ecstasy until I was all the way inside her. I only paused for a moment, then started to work my cock in and out of her amazingly tight pussy. I had been with a couple of virgins in my day, but neither of them was as snug as Tonya was inside, so tightly wrapped around my thick cock.

She looked back at me with her mouth open, sound failing to come out of her as I grunted with each thrust into her, my hands grabbing her hips and pulling her hard against me. It had been a while since I had been with anyone so along with that and the amazing feeling her sweet pussy was giving me, I could already feel my cum boiling up.

Tonya could tell and hoarsely whispered, "Yes, cum inside me Steve, I want to feel you cum in me!"

I drove in and out of her harder, getting so close, her eyes getting bigger and her breath coming in short erratic bursts, her eyes and mouth both opened wide. Tonya then cried out and went into convulsions against me as another powerful orgasm ripped through her. I was right behind her, thrusting as deep as I could go, releasing my hot cum inside her.

We continued grinding into each other for a few more minutes until we began to slowly recover, soft spasms still moving through us as we did. We kissed softly and tenderly, enjoying the taste of each other until my softening prick slipped from her tight folds.

We got dressed in silence and before I could say anything to her, Tonya kissed me again, smiled and quickly headed out of the locker room. I was left there, with my mouth hanging open, dumbfounded at her abrupt departure. I grabbed my gear bag and headed out into the gym. There was Tonya, already on one of the elliptical machines, with two other women on either side of her.

They were chatting among themselves, with plenty of girlish giggling going on between them. Oh shit, I thought to myself, they must have heard us. Instead of going over near them, I decided to stave off any embarrassment and go to the other side of the gym to do some free weight workout.

I finished my weightlifting and started heading towards the locker room to shower, when Tonya caught up to me and said in a quiet giggle, "Steve, I'm sorry for leaving you back there like that, but I heard those girls come in and I wanted to cover until you got out of the women's locker room." Just as she said that the two women that were next to Tonya earlier, went into the locker room.

"So, they didn't hear us in there," I asked her?

"No, which surprises me as hard as you made me cum," She winked and grinned then kissed me on the cheek.

I smiled, kissed her on the lips then said, "Tonya, are you free tonight? I'd like to get together with you and take you out to dinner or something, if you want, too?"

Tonya got a big smile on her face and said, "Really? I would love to, Steve. I wasn't sure you would want to after what we just did." I was not sure exactly what she meant, but I helped ease her mind a bit more after we agreed on a time that I would pick her up that evening, then both of us headed into our locker rooms to shower up before heading off to work.

I found myself walking around in a constant daydream for most of the day during work, so it was a good thing it was a Friday, and most of our work was done for the week, leaving a better part of the day available to close out little tasks that needed done. Just before shutting down my computer for the day, I got an instant message pop up through our work messenger and it read, "Looking forward to seeing you later!" It was from Tonya with a little smiley emoticon after it. I smiled, closed my system, and headed home.

The place where we would be going to dinner was not too overly fancy, but they did require you to wear a suit jacket or sport coat. I chose the latter to go with a button-down shirt and a pair of khakis then went down to the parking garage to get in my CT5 and drive over to Tonya's place.

When I got there, Tonya was already waiting in front of the building as I pulled up and WOW did, she look amazing! I stopped the car and quickly got out to go around and get the door for her. "Wow, you look amazing, Tonya," I said as I came around. She had on a beautiful blue mini dress, that plunged deep in the front and had thin straps across her back, she smiled and twirled around to show me everything.

"Aw, thank you Steve, you are the sweetest," she said happily, kissed me on the cheek, then got into the now opened passenger door of my car, giving me a nice look at her amazing legs. I grinned and winked at her, closed her door, and got in to drive us to the restaurant.

We had an amazing dinner at a quaint little Italian restaurant in the borough, chatting and stealing glances at each other. I think Tonya had a smile on her face the entire time, and I could tell that she was genuinely happy to be out with me. Through our chatting, I found out that she was 28 years old and a graduate from Yale. Wow, I thought to myself, beauty, intelligence and very sexual, how lucky did I just get?

After we finished and paid our bill, I asked Tonya on the way to the car if she wanted to see a movie. She responded, looping her arm into mine, getting closer to me and said in a sexy voice, "Steve, if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to your place." She winked and grinned as we continued to the car. When we got to it, I opened the door for her once again, but this time she gave me an excellent view of her white lacy panties, covering that sweet pussy of hers, as she got in.

My heart leaped in my chest, as she looked at me, knowing full well that she had me in her seductive clutches. I took a deep breath, closed her door, and went around to get in. I no sooner got in, and Tonya was on me, pulling me into an extremely hot passionate kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth and setting me on fire before pulling back with a smile and asking again, "So, what's it going to be Steve, movie or your place?"

Feeling the tension already mounting inside my khakis, I nodded and said, "My place." I tried my best not to break any traffic laws on the way back to my apartment, but every time Tonya moved her hand on my leg, the pedal seem to get pressed a little more. Oh, this woman had me under her spell something fierce.

We managed to get back to my apartment, alive and well, but the two of us, practically mauling each other in the elevator on the way up to my floor, barely containing ourselves as we got to my door, then once inside, we were making out like animals once more, both of us moaning, our breathing intensely erratic.

Tonya nearly ripped me out of my clothes, until she had my pants off and my engorged prick was in her hands. She pushed me back until I fell into the sofa, with her going right to her knees in front of me and sucking my throbbing organ into her mouth. Tonya seemed to have a hunger that could not be satisfied as she moved her lips up and down on me, my hands running through her gorgeous red mane, moaning to the pleasure she was giving me.

Dear God, what was happening to me right now? I never felt such pleasure before just from getting head. Tonya's mouth was like magic on me and then she added her hands into it, cradling my balls with one and the other stroking the base of my cock while she sucked. She would move it away only when she took me to very depths of her throat, almost getting every inch of me in her gullet.

I felt my orgasm moved quickly up from deep inside me, and I breathed heavily telling Tonya that I was going to cum. That did nothing to slow her down, in fact, she only increased her tempo on me as the first spasm hit and I began shooting my cum in powerful pulses. I could hear her gulping as she sucked the life out of me, taking every drop of my seed into her.

When Tonya had succeeded in draining me, she looked up at me with a devilish grin, licking my cock all over and squeezing any last remnants of cum from me. I was beginning to wonder if she was not the actual devil herself, the way her eyes burned into me with a demon fire like I have never seen. I was breathless by this point, only jerking a little every time she licked my now over sensitive cock head.

Tonya wiped her mouth off, giggled and said, "Yummy dessert." She then stood up, pulling her dress up over her head, shaking her hair loose from the straps, and revealing her gorgeous tight body. I stood up, pulled her close and kissed her again, this time, long slow and very sensuous. I ran my hands up and down her silky skin, massaging her breasts, feeling her hard nipples in my palms as I did.

Tonya moaned deeply into our kiss when I slipped inside her panties, parting her soft pubic hair, and finding her soaking wet lips. My fingers moved inside her puffy lips, rubbing her clitoris, causing her to spasms and moan louder. I wanted to taste this gorgeous she devil again, so in one quick movement, I pulled my fingers from her sex, looped my arm behind her long legs and picked her up.

Tonya's eyes grew wide at my sudden movement but smiled and kissed me again as I carried her into my king-sized bed. As soon as I laid her down on it, I looped my fingers through the sides of panties and began pulled them down, while she lifted her butt just enough to let them slip away without issue. She spread her legs ever so slightly, teasing me with a small view of her sweet sex.

I took her foot in my hand and started kissing from the top of her toe, moving slowly up her leg, placing a nibbling kiss in different spots, making her squirm in anticipation. As I moved up her inner thigh, Tonya opened her legs fully, causing her gorgeous pussy to blossom like a rose right there in front of me, her honey nectar thickly flowing from her small opening.

I reached the side of her vulva and licked up the outer edge and repeated the same on the other side. Tonya let out a soft whine of frustration from my teasing, but I was not about to relent. This woman drove me crazy earlier and I was going to return the favor. I moved my hand up and traced my two fingers down through her soft pubic hair until I reached the very edge of her slit, then lifted them off her, eliciting a longer whine from her.

I looked up with a grin into her wanton eyes, her mouth giving me a playful pout. I went back to my tease, this time trailing my tongue along the very edge of her thin inner labia, tasting some of her sweet juices. She tasted like pure heaven, this she devil in my bed and I was now addicted to her, reacting to her powerful attractant, and taking her pussy lips into my mouth.

Tonya cried out, threw her head back, and arched her body into me, grinding her pussy into my mouth while I drank in her fluids, sliding my tongue inside her hot hole as far as I could go. She began to hyperventilate then went into convulsions on me, gripping my head even harder as she powered through a very intense screaming orgasm.

I had to hold tightly to her to keep from getting thrown off until she began to slowly come down from her waves of pleasure, while I continued lapping up and fluids and sucking on her tender flesh. Tonya then pulled at me and said through her heavy breathing, "I need you inside me, Steve."

By this time, my cock had already come back to full mast after its brief refractory period, as I moved up over her. Tonya reached down to grip my shaft, guiding me to her wetness, moving it around her flesh until it was poised at her opening. I pushed inside her, feeling her hot flesh slowly open around me, gripping me, and pulling me in.

When I had sunk all eight inches of my cock in her, she let out a deep groan, put her hands on my shoulders and wrapped her svelte legs around my ass to hold me in her. We started a rhythmic slow grind against each other, feeling our bodies meld into one passionate love making entity. I looked deep into her eyes, seeing nothing but pure passion looking back at me.

We moved together like we were made for each other, as she met every thrust, I could give her, feeling her sweet wet velvety insides milking me in the most intense fashion. I would fuck her fast and powerful, then slow down back to a long slow grind, the two of us losing our minds in pleasure.

Tonya powered through several strong orgasms, as we changed positions periodically, with her on top of me in a cowgirl position, then moving behind her on all fours, and then back to missionary position with her legs pushed up over my shoulders allowing me to deep fuck her as hard as I could, until we collapsed in a heap of exhausted flesh, our bodies intertwined in a breathless mess.


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