Meeting My Master

Though I've never met you in person, and we've been chatting and calling for only a short time, you've become a close friend, an adored lover, and my Master.

Since we live across the country from each other, three time zones apart, I thought I'd never get to actually meet you. And, more importantly, as a married woman almost twice your age - my oldest being 25, just two years younger than you - I felt I didn't deserve you, my sweet boy. But you called me your MILF, and through your care I came to believe I deserved the intimacy lacking in my marriage, the intimacy which you have given me, your slave, your slut, so freely. And somehow things fell into place, and soon my dream of meeting you will come true.

My anticipation increases as the plane lands and taxis to the flight terminal. When I find myself on the walkway disembarking from the plane, my heart jumps into my throat. My hands shake, and I can barely swallow or breathe.

As I step around the corner and the lobby comes into view, I see you waiting for me. Our eyes meet, and my heart quickens. Your face lights up with a huge smile.

I walk as fast as I can, while you run to me. "Sir?" I say tremulously, and you encircle me with your arms and hold me close in a tight embrace. I bury my head in your shoulder, enjoying your musky smell, your firm, confident touch, and your taste, as, tilting my head up, I kiss your mouth tentatively.

Fire shoots through me as our lips touch. You return my kiss, with passion and hunger, seeming like you want eat me up.

I responsively press my hips against your body, desire welling up within me, my wet pussy seeking your cock. I feel your hard cock through our clothing.

I want to have sex right there. I gasp when I feel you reach up my short skirt and briefly touch my pussy.

You take my hand and lead me across the lobby, down the hall, and into the men's restroom. You lead me to the end stall and click the lock into place. You press me up against the wall and kiss me again. You begin unbuttoning your pants, then lift up my skirt and pull down my underwear.

I feel the air hit my pussy, then feel your fingers inside me, searching, probing. You push them deeper in my pussy, moving slowly in and out, then faster, and I hear quiet slushing sounds coming from my sopping wet pussy. Finding my g spot, you rub it fast and hard. I moan, and you cover my mouth so others won't hear me. You lean in and whisper in my ear, "God, you're such a fucking slut. . ."

My pussy aches with desire, and my body writhes around as I quietly whimper. You remove your fingers, bringing your hand beneath your nose, and deeply breathe in my scent. You lick your index finger as if tasting the most delicious dessert in the world. Then you share with me, putting the other three one by one in my mouth. My lips hug each finger as I lick it, enjoying the sweetness of my pussy juice, the sweet taste of my arousal for my Master.

You kiss me hard, biting my lower lip, then push your tongue in my mouth with insistent urgency. You press your body against mine, and I feel the hardness of your cock close to my pussy. Oh, god, how I want you inside me. The thought consumes me.

I moan and move my body around trying to help your cock find its way home. Master grips me tightly to his body, stilling my movement and whispering in my ear, "Not yet, my fucking whore. You haven't earned it yet."

"Yes, Sir," I say quietly, tremulously.

I know what I need to do. I know what I want so badly. I drop down and kneel before my Master. I reach up trembling hands towards your cock. I pull your pants aside to find your cock, and they drop to the ground.

I see my Master's cock for the first time in real life. I had known it was gorgeous and thick, but seeing his hard cock in front of my face, oh, god, it looks delicious. My hunger wells up deep inside me. I crave nourishment from my Master.

I put my hand around your cock pumping it briefly, enjoying its hardness beneath my fingers. I look up into your eyes as I open wide and my lips embrace it tightly. Then I lower my head and ravenously begin to bob up and down with all my might, feeling your dick slide through my lips, over my tongue, going deeper and deeper. It hits the back of my throat.

You grab my head with my ponytail and push me hard, making your cock slide deeper. You begin pumping my head faster and more forcefully. Your cock slides past the tight band of muscles guarding my throat. I've never had a dick so deeply inside me. It feels intimate, vulnerable, primal. I'm yours and always will be.

My mouth fills with spit, tears steam down my face, I desperately try to catch my breath. I gag loudly and try to gasp for air. You push my head one more time and you slide in so deep that your cock's balls touch my lips. You press the back of my head, holding it in place. I squirm around. You lean over and whisper a command, and a question, "Hold still, cum slut. Do you want to be fed?"

I whimper and look up at you with pleading eyes. You let me pull my head back to take a big gulp of air, and as you thrust in hard and deep I feel your hot cum pouring down my throat, filling me up. I gurgle and hungrily swallow. Oh, god, how I love being nourished by my Master.

You pull your cock out of my throat. I kiss it and lick it briefly before you take it away, pulling up your pants and zipping them.

I feel so horny, so desperate to cum. "Master, I need to cum," I whisper desperately. "You need to wait until I say it's time, slave." I put my head down, "Yes, Sir."

You lift me to my feet tenderly, and hold me close. You kiss my neck. I moan. You whisper in my ear, "Good girl."

We leave the bathroom and get out of the airport as quickly as possible. As you drive us to your apartment, you lay your hand between my legs. My body tenses with anticipation and desire, and tingling warmth shoots through me in waves.

When we get to your apartment, we hurry straight to your bedroom. You throw me on your bed and rip off my clothing. You get on top of me and begin fucking me hard, pinning me to the bed. You fuck me wildly, like an animal. I moan loudly, and I scream your name.

You say, "You like that, Slave? Do you want my seed inside your pussy?"

My body shakes, I can't stop the trembling. I feel so full of desire I can barely get the words out. "Yes, please Master!"

"Beg, you fucking slut! Let me know how much you want it!"

"Master, please, I want your seed inside me so badly. Fill me up to overflowing! Please, I beg you, Sir!"

You thrust with your hips as hard as you can. I feel like I'll break in two. I scream. I need to cum so badly.

"Master, may I cum?!"

"Yes, slave, cum as I cum and fill you with my seed."

On the next thrust you go as deep as you can go, hitting my cervix. As I scream I feel your cum exploding inside me. We cum together and my body begins to pulse hard, rhythmically, drawing your precious seed deep inside me. We are as one. With my Master I am satisfied and complete. "Good girl," I hear you say as I drift off to sleep.

I wake up groggily. I move around on my bed confused. I'm at home. Alone in my bed. Completely alone. It had all been a dream.

What happened yesterday all comes flooding back with overwhelming sadness. About how you told me you found someone in real life. About how now you want to be friends, like family members even. That you'll always love be, but in a different way.

I am crushed. How could my Master be so detached, so distant, so matter of fact about it? How can I be so easily replaced and not needed any more?

I love my Master with my whole heart. I sob quietly and fall back asleep. Alone.


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